A handwriting sheet to support your children. Please encourage children to also practice vertical lines (top to bottom), anti clockwise circles, bumpy roads and zigzags. They can write over your writing, inside, outside, go fast or slow…..

Letter formation upper and lower case

Pencil Control Reception Class

Jolly Phonics Resources

Phase 3 Jolly Phonics digraphs

Digital Games


https://www.topmarks.co.uk/ – great for literacy and numeracy digital games

Big Maths and Big Write

Little Big Maths and Big Write Overview


Superhero Strategies! For spelling and reading …

Look for a word in a word; think of a word that looks like it; phonics – sound it out; for reading use your picture clues….; for reading, read on – read to the next word then go back; for reading – think, does it make sense?

Foundation Stage Literacy and Numeracy Framework

LNF Across The Curriculum

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