Breakfast Club

Y Bont Faen Primary School offers a Breakfast Club facility to all pupils, from Reception to Year 6.

Our Breakfast Club runs from 8.00am to 8.20am. Our children are supervised by five highly qualified staff and have the choice of a healthy breakfast each day – cereal, toast, juice, milk and fruit.

Once the children have finished eating their breakfast, they may spend their remaining time socialising, playing board games, constructing, drawing, colouring, playing on the Nintendo Wii, or, if the weather permits, play in the school grounds.

Please be aware that if pupils arrive after 8.20am, then we are unable to provide them with breakfast as this is when the cleaning and sterilisation process begins.

If you would like to take advantage of this facility, please contact the school office for further information.

Simply Out of School

The school also offers an after-school club from Monday-Friday.

‘Simply Out of School’ has been offering quality childcare within the Vale of Glamorgan for the past 10 years.

‘Our highly trained staff excel in their field, each bringing something different to the setting to add to every play experience. All members of staff hold valid certificates in paediatric first aid, child protection, fire safety, health and safety, and food hygiene. There is always at least one member of staff holding a level 3 in play-work present.

Simply Out of School can offer parents of pupils attending Y Bont Faen Primary School a reliable after school club working to the same values of existing Simply Out of School clubs and promoting Y Bont Faen’s community and values.

Working closely with school staff and parents Simply Out of School ensures the provision of ‘wrap around care.’ More than simply an after school provision, we aim to become part of the community we work with, so involve ourselves in school functions, offering help and support. We welcome parents and grandparents to bring their own skills and knowledge to the club further diversifying our position.

We are a Child Led play club; our list of activities is hugely varied and forever expanding. From cooking, crafts and gardening, to team games, sports and computer games. Our emphasis is on enjoying ourselves; this often involves getting messy and making lots of noise!’

To book a place at Simply Out of School, click here to use their online booking tool.

For other enquiries, contact Simply Out of School through Joanne Hopkins on:

Phone: 07756 836806