The Pupil Development Grant is allocated to support the needs of children who are currently or have been eligible for free school meals in the previous two years.

Funding Overview

PDG Funding allocation this academic year£4,600
Early Years PDG£5,750
Total budget for this academic year£10,350

At Y Bont Faen we are committed to ensuring that all children have equal access to the curriculum to enable them to reach their full potential in spite of any challenges that they meet. As a school, we believe that having emotionally available adults throughout the school is vitally important, and that specific learning difficulties must be identified and addressed through targeted interventions to enhance learning opportunities.

Intended outcomesSuccess criteria
Ensure pupils who need ELSA support receive itMonitor the impact of ELSA through SELFIE assessments
Train additional ELSA staffIncrease the capacity to provide support to more vulnerable pupils
Literacy and numeracy supportMonitor progress of FSM pupils; use of non-verbal personalised assessments and tracking
To ensure EAL pupils have supportMonitor progress of language acquisition and understanding

Currently the PDG budget is allocated to LSA support to provide additional support for learning and well-being.