Welcome to the Young Reporters Club! We are a group of children, from Years 4-6, who have a love of writing! We meet after school, every Thursday, to write up events that have happened in school. In addition, we also write about things that are of interest to us.

Our club has had two special visitors, who have come into school and have spoken to us about writing. They gave us very useful and important tips about the writing process, things to write about and also editing.

Here are some of the articles that we have been working on.

Meet the team!

Elinor – She has a dog, a cat, two fish and two guinea pigs. Elinor has a brother and two sisters and her favourite food is pasta! Her favourite book is Alice Miranda at School and her favourite TV programme is Tracey Beaker Returns….her best friends are Keira, Rosalie and Heidi.

Merryn – She is 9 years old, she likes to spend time with Polly and has one brother called Gilly! She plays the piano, ukulele and wants to play the drums. Merryn also enjoys dance, VAPA, gymnastics, swimming and hockey. She enjoys literacy and eating hot dogs!

Rosalie – lives with her mum and dad, her favourite holiday was a trip to Disney World, her favourite film is Descendants and Harry Potter and her favourite TV show is Just Add Magic. Rosalie’s favourite food is strawberry ice cream and pasta! Her best friends are Heidi and Elinor and she loves gymnastics and swimming when she is not in school.

Eleanor – Her favourite colours are red and pink and her least favourite colour is black! She likes reading, watching TV, drawing and designing floor plans…Eleanor’s favourite food is pasta and least favourite food is cooked carrots. She enjoys spending time with family and friends. She has two cats called Molly and Deely.

Sam – He has two budgies called Dragonfly and Parsley. His favourite sport is swimming and his favourite food is pickled onions. His favourite TV show is Takeishi’s Castle and his hobby is flying drones!

Laurence – He has two cats called Molly and Deely, Molly is white and brown and Deely is brown with a little bit of white. Laurence loves football, plays for Cowbridge and supports Liverpool and also loves to play cricket! His favourite book is Diary of a Wimpy Kid and his favourite film is The Incredibles!

Dylan – has a golden retriever called Bindy and four fish called, Scampi, Snapper, Daisy and Poppy! His favourite books are Harry Potter and The Bad Guys…and his favourite film is Star Wars. Dylan plays tennis and Tae Kwondo and loves swimming! He loves pizza – particularly ham and pineapple!

Amelia – her favourite book is Charlie and the Chocolate Factory and her favourite film is Trolls! She really loves swimming – and is particularly good at front crawl! Amelia loves olives and tomatoes – especially on pizza! On the weekend she loves to draw and bake….