UK Robotics is running a competition which asks kids aged 5-7 to ‘draw a robot they’d like to see in the future’

Create your own stop animation short film, get the free Stop Motion Studio app on Google Play or Apple’s App Store and follow the instructions

Twig and TigTag Education free STEM resources for children aged 4-16

IET have excellent STEM resource packs to keep children busy

Purple Mash are currently offering a 60 day free trial

NASA have a brilliant site for children

Science Bob is a lovely science site with lots of experiments to try at home

Science for kids is packed with experiments, facts, quizzes, projects and lessons.

Make your own animal at Switch Zoo

Try teaching scientific concepts through the power of stories

Science songs and games for children

Fantastic Science podcasts for kids at Brains On

Presenter Maddie Moate explains how over 90 things are made or how they work

Lots of fun activities at DK Find Out

Nature Detectives has lots of activities that can be done in the garden

Minecraft Education Edition is free to download (Mr Jones has even done a tutorial to help you)

Blockly helps you learn computer programming skills using blocks

Create a free account and get coding at the amazing site Scratch

Coding check out this amazing block based coding course for beginners and experts alike

Want to improve your typing skills, then use Dance Mat Typing

Online Safety

Thinkuknow (Foundation) has lots of games to help keep children safe online