Whiterose maths have developed a series of free maths lessons for every year group

IXL – Maths has excellent maths and literacy resources and questions

Samples of maths reasoning tests

NRICH has some great maths activities to complete

A brilliant site with Education Quizzes covering all subjects and ages

Some great ideas to teach maths through stories

Top marks has lots of exciting and interactive maths games

Carol Vorderman has just made her website The Maths Factor free of charge

Star Fall is packed full of maths activities for children from Nursery to Year 2

Plenty of maths games at ictgames

Supermovers is a brilliant website that teaches mainly maths and literacy concepts through song and dance.  Lots of famous faces on the videos so the children should be motivated

The Khan Academy is especially good for maths and computing for all ages and is currently free of charge

Awesome maths games at BBC Bitesize

Lots of fun activities at DK Find Out