A busy first week back making faces out of play doh, designing and building houses and learning about time capsules! The children are looking forward to digging up their time capsule at the end of the year and discussing how they have changed over time.

A great introduction week to our new topic! We have explored our school grounds looking at all of the different plants, trees and flowers we could find. We also looked at different types of plants and herbs, focusing on their texture and scent. The children have also been developing their catching and throwing skills in the sunshine! In maths we used pancakes to show how we can cut objects into halves and quarters – Yummy!

The children have been busy learning about non-fiction texts in preparation to write our own fact files this week. They collaborated with a partner to research different plants and recorded their findings on a mind map. Some children enjoyed taking time to colour some mindfulness autumn pictures and paint pictures of some of the plants and flowers they have researched.

The Children have had lots of fun this week completing observational drawings of plants and flowers. They also used their imaginations to create their very own plant/flower using the knowledge they have gained from looking at non-fiction texts. We had a lovely trip to the local library on Thursday where we learnt lots about where wool comes from and how it it made into different things! During enrichment activities, some children had the opportunity to use ‘flip a clip’ to create their own stop-motion animation mini movies!

Despite the weather, we had a fantastic day in St Fagan’s on Wednesday! We learnt all about how people used to shop in the 1920’s and compared it to how we shop today. The children have also been busy decorating their own plant pots using various materials, they look lovely!

What a lovely week to end half term, we have been very busy! We have been working on our ICT skills, lots of building, creating presentations and presenting them to the class, practicing ball skills, doubling numbers and learning about Diwali!

The children have loved the first week of our new topic! We enjoyed getting messy and making our own mixtures. We have been working on capacity and making our own George’s Marvellous Medicine using natural ingredients! The children have also learnt about bonfire safety, made their own bonfire pictures and enjoyed making a bonfire and hot dog stand in the outdoor provision.