Most of our support begins in class. The class teacher plans a differentiated set of activities which cater for the child’s individual needs. Sometimes the child will be supported in small group activities with a Learning Support Assistant (LSA). They may also be withdrawn to work on an intervention programme, such as CatchUp Literacy or Numeracy, in the calm atmosphere of the ALN room. Children enjoy and gain a great deal from these sessions and they greatly increase their confidence and willingness to ‘have a go’ in class.

Individual Target Plans (ITPs) are drawn up to help children to meet short and achievable targets. Both the child and their parents agree to these targets. ITPs are regularly reviewed and new targets set if required.

Progress is regularly monitored and should your child not be making the expected progress we would seek further assistance from one of our outside agencies, such as Speech and Language Therapists, Educational Psychologists, Autism Outreach and the Engagement Service. Please note that outside agencies will only be consulted when we feel that a significant barrier to learning remains after several interventions have been implemented.

If your child is found to have an ALN, they will go onto an Individual Development Plan (IDP). This is drawn up in a meeting between teachers, parents, the child, and any outside agencies involved with them. This document contains a description of the ALN and the additional learning provision necessary to overcome or mitigate the barrier to learning. The school will prepare and maintain the IDP and it will detail the strategies and interventions that are additional to or different from what is normally provided for others of the same age.

Nearly all learners will make appropriate progress once their additional learning need is identified and the appropriate additional provision is implemented. Where the provision has successfully addressed the barrier to learning, the learner may no longer require that provision and school will then need to cease the IDP.

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